Almost nothing makes us as happy as hearing that someone has made the decision to plant a tree. Planting trees is such a small but significant way to improve the air quality around us and the environment as a whole.


However, it’s important to keep in mind that planting a new tree comes with responsibility. A young tree needs as much attention, care, and love as a young child does— the first five years of a tree’s life are important for setting the tone of its long-term health.


Here is a guideline for caring for your young tree:


  • It’s imperative to regularly water young trees in order to promote their good health and to aid in disease prevention. This will prevent the formation of weak surface roots and encourage robust root growth underground.
  • Make sure to check the moisture of the soil 4-6 inches below the surface, once a week. Soil should not be seeping wet.
  • Be on the lookout for signs of drought stress. This takes the form of wilting, curling, yellowing, and/or browning leaves.
  • Keep the young tree’s base clear of competing plants, such as grass or weeds. This could suffocate the growth of the tree.
  • Avoid using any herbicides, pesticides, or other harsh man-made chemicals on your young tree. These could damage or burn its leaves and roots.