Landscaping Design and Installation

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Green Touch is a professional tree trimming company that you can trust to trim your trees the right way.

Custom Landscaping

Green Touch landscape designers provide you with creative landscaping concepts that are functional, practical, and aesthetically pleasing. Your vision and desires combined with our skill and training produce a master plan that meet your requirements and your budget, but also allow for continuous enhancements and seasonality for your outdoor living enjoyment.

Green Touch is your able partner who will guide you expertly through the inherently rewarding process of envisioning, planning, and implementing your custom landscaping project.

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Sustainable Landscaping

Green Touch landscape designers provide you with creative sustainable landscaping concepts that are environmentally friendly yet easily maintained and beautiful.  

Your ideas and desire to install a garden that has little negative impact on natural habitats and flora, using modern conservation and green techniques will be fully realized with our knowledge and experience in implementing sustainable landscaping.

 Drip irrigation, recycling alternatives, hardscape treatments, composting, and use of drought-tolerant and pest-resistant plants— in combination with traditional garden varietals (if desired)— can be used to realize a pleasing garden experience that is sustainable with little upkeep.

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