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When planting a young tree, Green Touch offers these tree care guidelines:

Trees like plenty of growing room for their roots.  A green rule of thumb is to dig a hole or rototill or spade an area that is two to five times the width of the tree’s root ball, but no deeper than the root ball’s depth. The most frequent reason for a young tree or shrub not surviving is because the hole is too deep.  Also, do not leave any twine, nylon, or burlap wrapping around the root ball. Remove the twine, nylon, or burlap from the root ball so the roots can grow freely.

Scientific research shows that there is no need to add fertilizers, living organisms, or organic products into the backfill soil initially. The young tree will draw the nutrients it needs from the existing soil and will adapt to its new home.  Replace the loosened soil originally taken from the planting hole, but do not tamp it down with too much pressure around the tree’s root ball. The heavy tamping may damage the tree’s roots.

Only put a maximum of 1/4-inch of soil over the root ball. Mulch the top of the soil with two to three inches of wood chips or pine bark covering a radius of three feet from around the base of the tree.

 Water the ground surrounding the tree until it is completely moistened.

The tree should be able to stand up on its own, but stake only if it is absolutely necessary to keep the tree upright.

For minimum maintenance effort and cost, plant your trees using the following measurements:

  • For trees that grow to greater than 60 feet, plant at a minimum of 20 feet from any structure and a minimum of 40 feet apart.
  • For trees that grow to between 30 and 60 feet, plant at a minimum of 15 feet from any structure and a minimum of 35 feet apart.
  • For trees that grow to less than 30 feet, plant at a minimum of 10 feet from any structure and a minimum of 15 feet apart.
  • Plant trees at least 15 feet away from a driveway, at least 10 feet away from a utility pole and at least 30 feet from any intersection.

If you wish, Green Touch can assist you with all of your tree planting needs and also with ongoing residential and commercial tree care and maintenance.