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Green Touch is a professional tree trimming company that you can trust to trim your trees the right way.

Tree pruning is done to achieve different objectives. These are some methods used to prune trees.


The removal of dead, diseased, and/or broken branches through effective tree pruning.


Selective pruning to reduce density.


Selective pruning to provide vertical clearance.


Selective pruning to reduce height/spread.

Risk management

Trimming or removal of dead, dying or weak trees. In some instances, live trees are also removed when they are a hazard, interfere with structures, electrical wires or other trees.

Believe it or not, when it comes to tree pruning, certain species of trees need to be pruned during certain months of the year.

June through September are ideal months for pruning oak trees since they are less susceptible to diseases during the warmer months. Beetle infestations and tree diseases, like Witches Broom, are more deleterious to an oak tree that is pruned during the cooler months of the year.

November through April are ideal months for pruning large pine and Eucalyptus trees. During the cooler months of the year, Green Touch can effectively prune and maintain these large evergreens to prepare them for their growing season, spring through late summer. Large conifers or cone bearing trees and pines, and broad-leafed evergreens, like Eucalyptus trees, produce and move large amounts of sap throughout their bodies. If these trees are pruned during their growing season, they can attract deadly and destructive Bark Beetles.

In any case, improper pruning of trees can have disastrous consequences for not only the tree but for your safety and that of your neighbors as well as your homes and businesses, not to mention the utility lines that service the property, especially if the tree is very large or very weak and unstable.

Tree topping or pollarding is the gross removal of the upper tree branches of a tree. When pollarding is practiced, it may cause the interior decay of the tree that eventually radiates to the exterior of a tree, weakening the tree structure. The weakened tree is an accident waiting to happen and must be removed as soon as possible. But had the tree been properly pruned, the removal would not have become necessary.

Tree pruning is not only essential to maintain the health of a tree, but to also prepare the tree for the effects of strong winds and prolonged rain. A tree can lose its heavy disproportionate limbs in gusts of wind or topple over if the soil into which its roots are anchored give way. To prepare for these eventualities, a skilled and knowledgeable tree company like Green Touch can help you prepare your trees for these forces of nature. A tree is able to better withstand harsh conditions especially if it is healthy, well-proportioned with regular pruning and evaluated periodically for disease and insect infestation.

For any questions, reach out to us and we’ll assess your tree pruning needs on site.