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Green Touch is a professional tree trimming company that you can trust to trim your trees the right way.

Tree removal is usually a matter of last resort, and the process should be done by an experienced and knowledgeable professional company like Green Touch.

We will take the worry and the danger out of the extraction of a tree, and we will talk with you about the different options at our disposal and make recommendations with your best interests in mind.  An informed client is a confident client.  

Green Touch professionals will advise you on the necessary steps to take in preparation for the tree removal, what happens during the tree removal, and the cleanup and reclamation that happens after the tree removal.

 Safety is the main concern, and we will do what it takes to make sure that your property, your family, and/or your employees are not in harm’s way.

Dead and dying trees must be removed because they are a potential hazard. The dead or dying tree itself or its branches could fall unexpectedly, harming whatever or whomever is underneath, especially if the tree is old and large. The dead or dying tree does not have the stability of a healthy and strong tree and could fall over without warning. When the weather becomes stormy with strong winds and heavy downpour, weakened trees can splinter and break causing a lot of damage.

Healthy living trees may be removed to make way for a pool, new landscaping, the addition of a room or a second floor, or for a number of other reasons.

Their roots may be growing into the foundation or the pipes of a building, so to preserve or repair the building, the tree is removed. It’s either the building or the tree that must go, and the decision goes in favor of the building most of the time.

Only skilled and trained experts should remove trees. It is a hazardous job and the professionals know how to keep themselves and the surroundings safe. Green Touch has all the appropriate equipment and professionals to remove any size tree.

Let the professionals at Green Touch help you plan for a tree removal. Green Touch will give you the courteous service you expect of a quality tree service company.