Tree Stump Grinding

Tree stump grinding
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For many years, it was assumed that riding the landscape of tree stumps was optional; however recent research has demonstrated that removal of tree stumps can reduce the spread of tree decay fungi.

Tree stumps can become homes to decay fungi that will develop spores and fungal hyphae that will spread to other trees, especially by attacking the wounds of other trees.

Over the years, many methods have been used to remove tree stumps after a tree removal.  Stumps have been pulled out, dug out, burned out, or chemically treated to speed up the decay of the stump.

There are five main methods used to remove a tree stump:

Grinding a tree stump

Tree Stump grinding

is an effective method at which Green Touch is an expert.  A stump grinder is a specialized machine that is designed to grind tree stumps and roots. The stump grinder has a metal wheel with cutting teeth that are used to eat away at the tree stump with a back and forth motion.  The tree is then gradually ground into chips.   This method is relatively fast and effective and can help you move quickly in implementing your plans for the tree stump site.

chopping down

Chopping down

the stump by hand using sharp cutting tools such as a hatchet or a chainsaw is a viable method. This method is effective but time-consuming, labor-intensive and could be harmful to the individual doing the job.

speed up tree stump decomposition

Speed up stump decomposition

by using chemicals available from your neighborhood gardening store. This method requires drilling holes into the stump and may need repetition until the stump breaks down and decays which can take weeks or months.

Use the stump in landscaping

Incorporate the stump into your landscaping

using it as a pedestal or table for your bird feeder or barbeque, for example,  hollowing it out and using it as a planter for your flowers, or surrounding it with a flower bed.

allow your stump to decay naturally

Allow the stump to decay naturally

which may take several years. New suckers may pop up that will need to be removed before they grow too large and become new unwanted trees.  This is a method that requires patience, to say the least.

Green Touch will help you decide which method is best suited for your needs and your budget, but if you desire immediate and safe results, tree stump grinding may be your best choice.